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Nike, the company that gave us Air Jordans, cheap nike air max shoes Mars Blackmon and those awful Oregon uniforms, is the safe, predictable choice for Texas officials searching for a new shoe and apparel contract.

Nobody will criticize UT President Gregory L. Fenves and interim athletic cheap nike air max online director Mike Perrin for sticking with the Swoosh. Great company, great brand, a 15-year partner of Texas athletics.

Nike doesn't rock the boat. Officials from Phil Knight's worldwide conglomerate cheap nike air max outlet will wire a mountain of money into UT's coffers to keep the status quo, too. Maybe as much as $15 million a year, if that's what it takes.

For Plank to lure the Longhorns away from Nike, he'll have to convince cheap nike air max sale two people who don't want to make any bold, unexpected choices in athletics right now to make a bold, unexpected choice: cheap nike air max china Leave the established brand that older folks like or go with the upstart that kids love?

That's a hard sell, and frankly, not the Texas way.

Fenves has made bold decisions so far in his brief four-month tenure, to be sure. He took down the campus Jefferson Davis statue and fired athletic director Steve Patterson — politically-easy decisions, but ones that affected UT's brand and national image. So does this one.

Nike's 30-day exclusive negotiating window closed on Wednesday. Under Armour and adidas are both scheduled to make presentations to UT officials in the coming days, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

Plank himself made the pitch to win the Notre Dame deal, and he'll be hands on with the Texas bid, too. The Fighting Irish currently stand as the crown jewel in Under Armour's collegiate universe. If UA lands UT, Godspeed, Irish cheap nike air max free shipping.

Adidas has practically unlimited resources thanks to its international soccer deals. But Texas isn't going to sign with adidas, a fading brand that currently outfits Texas A&M.

Whatever gets presented, Nike still has a contractual right of first refusal. Even if Under Armour makes a spectacular bid, Nike can match it, add $1 and it's over.

So what type of contract should Texas expect? Like buying a house, go look at comparable sales. Under Armour signed Notre Dame to a 10-year contract worth approximately $90 million in January 2014. At the time, it was hailed as the biggest shoe and apparel contract in college sports.

This summer, Michigan made a huge splash by signing with Nike for 15 years at $169 million — about $11.3 million per year.

No school sells more shirts, hats and paraphernalia than Texas cheap nike air max from china. The Longhorns have ranked No. 1 nationally for nine consecutive years in merchandise sales, according to the Collegiate Licensing Company. Catholicism and khakis can't hold a candle to Bevo.

That's why a $15-million annual figure feels like a good starting point. Texas deserves to be far out ahead of everyone else.