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Gaul met with UO biology professor Nathan Tublitz in the cheap air max Jaqua Center, and Tublitz said he believed the emphasis on football is hurting UO's academic reputation. Tublitz made an interesting point about the function of the Jaqua Center cheap nike air max shoes. It's difficult enough for a student with good study habits to perform well when they are working the equivalent of a full-time job, Tublitz told Gaul. "It's incredibly stressful, cheap nike air max online especially for football players."

The Jaqua Center is a labor-intensive, high-overhead operation designed to keep athletes, cheap nike air max outlet many of whom are unprepared for college academics when they arrive, eligible for sports and on track to graduate.

"Every athlete has individual tutors for every class," Tublitz told Gaul. "They have cheap nike air max sale mandatory study halls, people who look at their homework every day. They get free computers. And then the administration trumpets the fact that student athletes are graduating at the rate of the (regular) student body. I say to them, the rest of the student body doesn't get all of these perks. It's a sham cheap nike air max china. The athletes are living in a different parallel universe."

Gaul walked toward the center of campus and contrasted the cheap nike air max free shipping opulence of the Jaqua Center with the shabbier conditions in Chapman Hall, home to the Robert D. Clark Honors College. I headed across the river, to Autzen Stadium and the Hatfield-Dowlin Center. There were plenty of parents and students buying stuff over there, and workers were getting ready for a game against Utah the following day cheap nike air max from china.